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Valentin Kovalenko
The short answer is yes.

This is described in JLS 12.4.2. Detailed Initialization Procedure (, and expressed via the initialization lock LC. There is also the following note regarding possible optimizations of initialization procedure: "An implementation may optimize this procedure by eliding the lock acquisition in step 1 (and release in step 4/5) when it can determine that the initialization of the class has already completed, provided that, in terms of the memory model, all happens-before orderings that would exist if the lock were acquired, still exist when the optimization is performed."

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I was wondering what guarantees there are about non-final fields initialized as part of class initialization. Let's consider

Class Point{

    int x, y;

    public Point(int x, int y) {
         this.x = x;
         this.y = y;

Class Init{
    public static Point p = new Point(1,2)
    public static Point p2;

    static {
        p2 = new Point(3 , 4)
        p2.x = 10


If I have multiple threads trying to read p and p2, would ALL threads wait until those objects are fully constructed and assigned to corresponding fields (like in final fields case) due to initial;ization semantics, or is that not the case?



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