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Mustang build 51 (and 53)

Doug Lea

For those of you who have been waiting for fully integrated versions
of post-Tiger changes/additions/fixes, the newest Sun build (51) of
Mustang available at contains most
of them (in particular all those listed in violet under "jsr166 bugs
fixed in mustang" at

A few more will appear in two weeks in b53. (And it is still possible
that descendingIterator will make it into Deque before release.)

Please try things out and tell us as soon as you can if you don't like
anything or run into any problems.

(Mustang is project name for what will be called JSE6. Note that
as of this version, everyone is now supposed drop the "2" from
J2SE/J2EE/J2ME => JSE/JEE/JME. Silly marketers...)


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