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Concurrency at OOPSLA

Doug Lea

The early registration deadline for OOPSLA is approaching (September 9).
See . It will be in San Diego October 16-20.

I think this is the first event that all of the JSR166 expert group
members are planning to attend. (We've never all been at the
same place at the same time.)

If you are planning to come, you might be interested in:

1. Tutorials given by subsets of the JSR166 EG.
    Introduction to Concurrent Programming in Java 5.0
    Effective Concurrent Programming with Java 5.0

2. The Synchronization and concurrency in object-oriented languages
(SCOOL) workshop. This was originally planned as a small interactive
restricted-attendance workshop. But there's been a lot of interest, so
it is now scheduled in a larger room, and others may attend
just by letting us know in advance. For details, see:

3. The Java Technologies for Real-Time and Embedded Systems (JTRES)
workshop. This IS a smaller workshop, but you might ask permission
to attend. See

There may also be some related BoFs and the like (Josh Bloch hopes to
organize one), and the conference proper has several sessions of likely

Note that some of these overlap. OOPSLA has a busy schedule,
and it's impossible to avoid conflicts.


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