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Concurrency Utilities for Java EE preview

Doug Lea

Some members of this list will recall that over two years ago,
there were JSRs submitted for standardized versions of IBM
and BEA's commonj work managers, followed by discussions that
these should be integrated with the java.util.concurrent
Executor framework. This effort hit lots of snags (too weird
to get into) along the way. But we (mainly due to the hard
work of spec leads Chris Johnson of IBM and Revanuru Naresh
of BEA) finally have a preliminary proposal together.
You can find these at the new, and not yet very populated, site:
Along with a new mailing list that you can use to send comments
(please use concurrencyee-interest, not concurrency-interest
for feedback, so as not to confuse us too much :-) While this
is not yet an official JSR draft, we wanted to get it out so people
can read it before JavaOne, where there will be a BoF (0980
thursday 9:30) presenting and discussing it.

A few quick notes about it to bridge the SE and EE crowds.

1. Even in EE programs, you can use anything in java.util.concurrent.
However, you cannot usually create your own threads, even implicitly
(as in ThreadPoolExecutors). So the proposed javax.util.concurrent
facilities mainly provide forms of Executors that you CAN create,
and that maintain EE context, etc. And that are configurable in ways
that make sense in EE applications. Plus some associated utilties
to manage context and the like. All of which you can then use with the
regular java.util.concurrent utilities.

2. There is not yet an available implementation. Those of you who
work on EE systems, especially open source ones (JBoss, Geronimo, Jonas,
Glassfish, ..) , are kindly invited to build them! We'd be happy to help
provide guidance in any way we can


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